4 Useful Tips to Design Perfect Company Uniforms

Company UniformsCompany uniforms have been found not only to positively affect employees but also customers according to a recent research. The reason for this is that uniforms create credibility and brand consistency, and improves the image of the company which makes the company look like a safer and beneficial place to do business. Here are a few tips on how to design a perfect uniform for your employees.

1. Consult Your Employees

It’s a good idea to involve your employees while designing your company uniforms since ultimately they’ll be wearing and working in those uniforms. Ask for their requirements and suggestions. This will not only help you get a perfect design for the uniforms, but also your employees will feel pleased because you value their opinions.

2. Comfort, Safety and Grace

Since your employees will wear their company uniforms for the entire day and work wearing them, the uniforms must be comfortable. You’ll also have to consider your industry’s health and safety regulations. Your company uniform should protect your employees against any injuries while working in conditions like fire, rain, cold weather, extreme heat or reduced visibility.

Even if your employees don’t work in any dangerous conditions, you should still make sure to choose fabric that are durable, comfortable and easy to maintain to make sure the uniforms don’t negatively affect employees’ morale or productivity.

Also, never cut corners when it comes to quality. Cheaper apparel may wear out and/or fade easily. High-quality, fresh, brightly colored and graceful uniforms create a respectable image of your company.

3. Additional Features

Add-ons depend on the industry you are in. For a restaurant business, your serving staff will need multiple pockets in their uniforms to keep big spoons or napkins, while the chefs require aprons and caps. If you need to deliver your product to customers, your delivering staff will need uniform bags.

Apart from the essential features, you may also need some ornamental extras like bank employees need to have ties to go with their formal attire, while a watchman’s uniform needs to have shoulder straps and a chauffeur will need a chauffeur hat.

4. Company Branding

Last but the most important factor to consider is including your company logo in your employees’ uniforms as that will benefit your marketing efforts. The logo can be placed on the chest pocket or back. You can choose to include it in all the different clothing items of the uniforms or on only one of them, e.g. on the chest pocket of the t-shirt or on jacket.

Anywhere you place it, it should be prominent and your customers should be able to remember it and relate it to your company.

Designing perfect uniforms for your employees will benefit your business by heightening your company image. Follow the above tips and get the perfect company uniforms.

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