Business Rescue Plan by NESTA – Great Relief for All Fitness Coaching Businesses

fitness training onlineCOVID-19 has left no one and nothing in a sound condition. But businesses are suffering the most from the pandemic because they have to allow their people to stay at home and pay them, without any earning. Those who can get their work done from their homebound employees are slightly more at luck than those who have to deal with real people to run their businesses and thus are going through very hard times. One such business is a gym.

How did COVID-19 affect the fitness industry? Gym owners are going through a great loss these days. As per government directives, all gyms in the world had to be shut down, because there is a higher risk of the spread of COVID-19 infection in gyms due to heavy breathing, crowds, close contacts and equipment touched by multiple users. According to experts, a gym can be one of the most dangerous places people can visit, when it comes to the risk of spread of coronavirus infection.

Solution Offered by NESTA

While gym owners and other fitness coaching businesses are going through gloomy conditions, NESTA has found a solution which can be a ray of hope to gyms, fitness trainers and other fitness coaching businesses. The solution is a giveaway of an entire Home Gym Profit Center for free by NESTA for fitness trainers and coaches to give fitness training online.

Thus on the purchase of any certification from NESTA or Spencer Institute, you will get the entire Online Coach Training System for free!

personal trainers working from home

Who can Benefit from the Giveaway?

NESTA and Spencer Institute offer COVID-19 Business Rescue Plan for sports coaches, fitness trainers and all fitness-coaching-related businesses.

As described above, all businesses including fitness coaches and gyms are affected by the coronavirus pandemic as they have to close down their businesses. But other fitness-related businesses too are suffering heavy loss. These include health clubs, personal trainers, wellness consultants, health coaches, sports coaches, and even nutrition experts. All these can take benefit of NESTA’s free giveaway and take their businesses further without having to come in direct contact with their clients. This system can enable personal trainers to work from home.

Home Gym Profit Center

The concept of a home gym profit center is simple yet effective with which you can turn your home into a profit center where you’ll learn how to train fitness clients at home. This is a home office set-up for health and wellness coaches, and also all the fitness-related businesspersons described above.

There are so many ideas with which you can continue your business. For example, you can start your fitness training center in your garage or an extra bedroom or basement or your own home gym. A lady, for example, has started creating her Facebook Live videos in her backyard and she sells them on her website and people living far away from her and cannot work with her in person buy them.

If you are a fitness trainer, sports coach or diet, nutrition or wellness consultant, NESTA or Spencer Institute will help you offer your services to your clients from your home.

gym in backyard


  • If you run your business all on your own, you may have partnered with a gym owner or other such facility and share your profit with them. By becoming a personal trainer working from home, you can keep all the money for you.
  • You won’t have to drive to your clients’ homes or any other facility to train them and burn fuel. Here again you save money.
  • Your time will be saved because you won’t have to travel anywhere.
  • You’ll get huge tax benefits.
  • You can spend more time with your family.
  • You’ll be safe from coronavirus infection but still can earn money.

So, are you ready to get the benefit of NESTA’s Business Rescue Plan?

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