Benefits of Buying Reconditioned Circuit Breakers for Use on the United States Electrical Grid

reconditioned circuit breakers in Los Angeles and HoustonIf you’re a business owner or facility manager in the US, you should know and remember certain facts about reconditioned circuit breakers, including how reconditioning offers a safe and dependable breaker and when to use them, along with other things.

Several facility managers make use of reconditioned circuit breakers with full confidence. Reconditioning can reduce the number of unplanned facility outages while improving personnel safety. This is quite obvious because you replace damaged or worn parts with new components. The fact that’s not so obvious is that you can even add technology that the circuit breaker originally didn’t have.

What is Reconditioning of Circuit Breakers?

According to the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), reconditioning of power breakers is the process of continuing with the existing power switchgear equipment in running condition as suggested by the manufacturer’s guidelines, using only the parts designed by the original manufacturer. These parts may include add-ons designed since the purchase of your breaker.

First-rate reconditioning like that in reconditioned circuit breakers in Los Angeles and Houston should include total disassembly of the power breakers, reassembly, component-specific cleaning and a final examination and test. Then you must log the whole testing profile into the database of the reconditioning company for future breaker reference.

Latest Technology

Reconditioning is not just cleaning. You also get the latest technology installed in the power breaker and the reconditioning center can add diagnostic capabilities to the circuit breakers. Due to the system communications installed, your facility can collect trending and usage information on your entire system. One more practical use of power breaker communications is the capability to make sure all equipment is running efficiently and one specific machine isn’t wasting energy or working at a slower rate than others.

Avoiding a Major Expense

It’s quite expensive to replace circuit breakers completely because some important components undergo wear through normal use. It’s also harmful to assume that an electrical system is safe and running effectively only because it hasn’t experienced an outage. In such a condition, adding a reconditioned breaker can save you from a major expense.

Legacy Hardware

You may require reconditioned breakers just due to hardware constraints. Apart from big capital expenditure that prevents you from totally replacing existing breakers and switchgear, space and size requirements may also play a part in your decision to recondition breakers. Thus, if your old breakers may not have direct replacements, instead of opening a Pandora’s Box of electrical work to fit in a new breaker, you can save money and time by reconditioning.

Looking at these benefits, don’t you think it’s best to get a reconditioned circuit breaker?

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