6 Creative Tips for Using Promotional Bunting

Printed BuntingJust like everything else, marketing tools and techniques are evolving day by day. Businesses often are overwhelmed by these ever-evolving tools and end up making unnecessarily huge investments on tools that are not very effective in giving them the desired results. On the other hand, there are certain ridiculously simple promotional tools that are highly effective in promoting brands and creating a long-lasting impact on your potential audience. One such tool is bunting flags. These are the most dependable and economical tool of promotional branding since it promotes your business in a unique, impressive and creative way. Here are ways you can use promotional buntings.

1. Use Printed Buntings at Trade Shows

Trade shows are great opportunities for businesses to connect with prospective new clients. However, to attract your potential clients, your exhibition stand should be attractive enough. You can make it attractive with printed bunting. Irrespective of how big or small your stand is, bunting is always suitable to it because it can be specially made for your stand’s size and is available in various shapes, such as round, square, rectangular or triangular. Moreover, bunting is lightweight and setting it up is a breeze.

Round Bunting

2. Use Creative Bunting

Can a product launch be effective without promotional branding? Whether you are launching a new store or a new washing machine, promotional bunting, cluster flags and pop up banners are bound to add colour and enthrallment to the event – encouraging customers and attracting their attention to check further. Bunting is also very useful to brighten up your counter by notifying customers about in-store promotions. Based on your particular requirements, you can customise the bunting with high-quality images of your logo or product or brand colours, to associate with your print media campaign or internet marketing campaign. In addition to creating a more cheerful atmosphere in the event, the investment in bunting is a onetime cost because it can be used from time to time for your future events.

bunting for launching a new store

3. Use Printed Bunting for Outdoor Events

You can even brighten up your outdoor events by stringing brightly coloured bunting on a branded gazebo, for example. Such promotional outdoor bunting and other branded materials are an effective and affordable way to show others what your company is about. Several companies have found these tools highly effective for the promotion of their company at outdoor events, beach events, sporting events etc. This is a great way to create awareness about their companies, and to strengthen their company name and/or brand. For outdoor shows and events, promotional bunting can be made of PVC which is durable and waterproof.

Outdoor Bunting

4. Which Materials will You Choose?

As such, there are a lot of materials that are used in making bunting. These are PVC, plastic or even paper. But as mentioned above, PVC is especially useful because it’s durable and waterproof. Plastic is also a good material because it’s soft, yet strong. Paper for making bunting is good but not that popular because it’s not water resistant and can quickly lose colour. A good alternative to this is synthetic paper.

synthetic paper bunting

5. Use Bunting for Safety Purposes

Bunting is not only useful for promotional purposes but also for the safety of your workers. You can set safety bunting flags to deliver a strong message that the work is in progress. And if you wish, you can also promote your brand along with the safety message through the bunting by putting your company’s logo on the flags. Thus, the bunting can be used for two purposes, safety as well as your business’s promotion.

6. Use Bunting Balloons

You can even use bunting balloons. While bunting flags are to be hung from ceiling, bunting balloons can be attached anywhere.

Bunting and Balloons

So, are you planning to have promotional bunting for your next event?

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