4 Amazing Benefits of Hiring Singapore Corporate Secretarial Services

Singapore corporate secretarial servicesOne of the most important factors in running a business successfully is hiring the right people. And if the post is of the company secretary, it’s highly important to hire an extremely competent person, especially if you are running a business in Singapore. Being a bustling business hub in Asia, Singapore needs you to invest in corporate secretarial services because it ensures you don’t hire a wrong person for such an important post.

Does Your Company Need a Company Secretary?

As mandated under the Singapore Companies Act, a business in Singapore should fill the position of company secretary within six months of the incorporation of your business. The law also requires that the company’s sole director or shareholder should not fill this position, but a different person should handle it.

A company secretary will handle all the administrative jobs of your company. Also, a company secretary should make sure that your company complies timely with all the rules and regulations.

All in all, the easiest way to avoid legal consequences is to hire a permanent company secretary once you incorporate your business in Singapore.

Corporate Secretarial Services

However, there is another way and it’s to hire one of Singapore corporate secretarial services which offer more benefits. Here are a few.

1. Consistent and Efficient Handling of Administrative Activities

Singapore corporate secretarial services take pride in having highly qualified and trained persons to help you handle your administrative activities efficiently and consistently. Hiring a right local firm ensures you stick to Singapore’s stringent regulatory requirements in a prompt way and all your activities are handled with in-depth knowledge.

2. Convenience

Since the people from the secretarial firm are highly experienced, qualified and trained, you don’t have to go through the hassle of dealing with an in-house company secretary who is not very experienced to handle the job efficiently.

3. Cost Effective

Hiring a secretarial service in Singapore is much more cost-effective than appointing an in-house company secretary. You save on the employee packages and spending on training sessions when you appoint an in-house secretary. Persons from the secretarial firm don’t have to be trained as they are already much experienced.

4. Additional Offerings

Singapore corporate secretarial services generally offer comprehensive packages of services to their clients that include several other services like payroll, company incorporation, accounting services and more, apart from secretarial services.

So, have you started looking for Singapore corporate secretarial services?

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