5 Great Benefits of Sleeve Packaging

Product versatility in sleeve packagingWhen it comes to packaging of your goods, you may wonder which among so many available options would be the best. Here the sleeve packaging steps in. Today you can see that sleeve packaging has become a growing trend. Whether it’s premium beverages, foods or any consumer products, you can see them in sleeve packages. Does sleeve packaging have such great benefits? Yes! Here are a few.

1. Design Versatility

The main aim of your packaging should be to attract consumers towards your products with great designs on the package. Plus, you should also provide all the legal verbiage needed to keep consumers informed. Sleeve packaging offers you space to do both. Designers can use the entire sleeve packaging for the legal verbiage and can still have ample space to attract consumers’ attention with mind-blowing designs.

Sleeve packaging has the ability to provide the consumer with a lavish appearance that carries distinctive vignettes, incredible details and fine lines all through the graphics. Your marketing teams will not only embrace the flawless printability of the graphics that the sleeve packaging can achieve but also the fact that coverage is offered from top to bottom for the design elements they are longing for. Gone are the days of struggling to fit everything in only 1 or 2 small labels. With sleeve packaging, designers get the assurance that their design will be prominently noticed on the shelf.

Design versatility in sleeve packaging

2. Labeling Versatility

If you are not so sure about sleeve packaging, you don’t need to stick 100% to it to start with. If you want, you can use a pressure sensitive label on the front as well as back sides of your product and add a sleeve label as an addition to the lid. Or you can choose any other combination of other types of packaging and sleeve packaging. In fact multiple label combinations create depth and richness of the package which can take your product to the next level along with creating a cohesive look.

3. Product Versatility

You can use sleeve packaging for any kind of container, whether it’s plastic, glass or metal. The shapes of the packages can be made so appealing that they demand consumers’ attention in a retail setting and that’s the beauty of sleeve packaging. The sleeve can contour to the exclusivity of the package and radiate the look of a premium product.

Product versatility in sleeve packaging

4. Economic Advantages

Are you having numerous preprinted cans or bottles lying in your warehouse for months due to which graphics on them became outdated? Don’t worry, you are not alone and you have a great solution in the form of sleeves. Applying sleeves to blank packaging allow customers to invest in blank bottles or cans and redirecting their money to the sleeves that can remain fresh and up-to-date without becoming obsolete.

You can better understand this with the example of craft brewers. Small breweries are not able to afford to buy truckloads of preprinted cans for their products neither do they want to put a limit on the production of a few of their topmost offerings. With sleeves, brewers can simply invest in labels, instead of huge number of preprinted cans.

sleeve packaging

5. Customization

Customization is today’s most favorite term to attract consumers and so, business houses keep throwing it around and trying to integrate it into new packaging. In this scenario, sleeve packaging can be easily customized making your product even more popular. This can be done with digital technology through which graphics can be created with whatever images or data that customers want and thus engage them even after the product finishes. This can be further made to benefit you even more by redirecting customers to your website with a call to action like “visit and send a selfie/your story”.

Customization in sleeve packaging

So, now that you know so many benefits of sleeve packaging, why don’t you try it and prosper?

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