3 Great Tips for Creating Effective Business Cards

business cards LeicesterWhen thinking about how to improve your chances with your clients, it’s for the best to start from the essentials. How can you improve their first impression? It’s realistic to say that people, your future clients included, base most of their opinions and decisions on the impressions you create during the first few minutes of interaction. Lucky for you, there are some useful tips and tricks that can help you overcome the barrier and draw their attention from insignificant details to your experience and professionalism. The right way to do so is by creating a unique and effective business card. It would be wise to always have it with you, in case you meet somebody new or run into an old acquaintance, who can turn out to be a possible future business partner. If your card is designed in such a way that it can boost your chances, then there’s a guaranteed chance of success. Here’s how to achieve that.

1) Key Information

It’s extremely important to include all the essential information that could prove to be useful for your clients. Some of the most important pieces of information are: name, your job and what can you offer in short, contact information such as phone number, e-mail, social media profiles, work address etc. If you want to be innovative, try to include a QR code too. There are myriads of free generators online that you can choose from. By providing the potential client with all the info they need, you’ll right away come across as someone who’s a great choice to work with. If you get something like business cards Leicester and include all the pivotal information your clients need, your chances of success will double!

2) Borders are Bad

Why are borders bad? When you have your design on-screen you may think that it looks great, but have in mind that your business cards need to be cut and therefore some edges may vary. No matter how high tech the printers you opt for are, there’s an error margin that will spoil your plans. Even if your cards are cut only a few millimeters in the wrong direction, the borders you use will accentuate that. Just try to remember that you shouldn’t be surprised when you notice a variance. If you want to avoid this altogether, don’t include borders on your business cards.

3) Readable Text

This is often overlooked when people design their business cards. It’s understandable that something looks great on your screen but it’s important that you think ahead of time and save both time and money by thinking your whole design through. The text on your business cards should be at least 8 pt, anything smaller than that will be unintelligible. It would be a good idea to try to make the most important details on your card, such as your name or number bigger and bold in comparison with the rest of the information.

These are the essential steps in creating the best possible business card. Hopefully, this advice will prove to be useful soon enough and be sure to share your experience online! Self-promoting is of extreme importance when you live in a world where networking can sometimes mean as much as improving your career.

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