4 Important Green Ways to Save Money

green ways to save moneyWith the weakening economy and global warming becoming a real danger, now is the most vital time to find out operational Green Ways to Save Money. Changing tiny elements of your day-to-day living can make a huge difference on the environment as well as your bank account. With the economy crashing, prices going through the roof and environmental changes occurring all over the world at the same time, you can help save your pocket and planet by following some of these green ways to save money.

1. Reduce water consumption

Water is the elixir of life. We need it for survival, but it still costs money. Never take it for granted. Take shorter showers. It reduces your heating and water bills. Turn off leaking taps and don’t let the tap run when you brush your teeth. When it’s sunny, hang your clothes on a clothes line. If not, use a drying rack and open a window.

2. Reduce energy

Turn off lights and electrical items when they are not in use. It’s useful to have a “smart” power strip that turns them on and off automatically when the appliances are or aren’t being used. Install energy saving light bulbs. Use a thermostat. You’ll often find you only need to heat up your house in certain areas and at certain times of the day.

3. Use fewer disposable items

Reduce the need to keep on churning out paper plates, cups, sanitary towels, tampons etc. It causes more waste and tells the companies they need to make more. Don’t buy bottled water. Use a water filter to purify tap water, it’s cheaper and you help to reduce plastic bottle waste and manufacturing.

4. Eat well

If you are a meat eater, eat one less meat dish during the week. Meat is expensive to produce. Animal farming takes up a lot of land and money. Grow your own food. Even if it is only growing your own herbs on your windowsill you’ll be saving yourself having to buy groceries, and you’ll be making the world that little bit greener.

If you live far from work or work with other countries, you can cut down on travel costs by using video web chat in conference calls. Shopping online is a greener way of saving money as you save on gas. Reduce paper use. Save your documents on media devices and think carefully about when you need to print. Also walk or cycle to work, school or to visit friends rather than driving. It’s a greener and healthier way to save money than using gas and public transportation.

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